The link below in the first comment is a link to a photo.  It is not posted


because I can’t get this permalink heemeymajeeme to work.  The photo (link below in first comment) is an example of something I envision I can SO make (and should!).   I think…a clear little plexi seat, a little mod podge and some glitter on the underside.  I could do a cheap version of this!  And then I laugh, once I actually think it through, and think….”People might not like a little loose glitter on their butts.”  Then I rethought that thought, and came up with, “Some of my Drag Queen friends might!”

Shamelessly crude.  Crude makes me laugh and smile 🙂

P.S.- Yes, I am on Pinterest tonight.  Watch out world!

For a limited time only (insert falsely urgent attack approach here)

you too (to make you feel special)

can follow (because you are sheepish and need a role model)

Wendy (Spelled just like the fast food joint)

via pinterest (the new copy and paste)

at: (@)

<div style=…WTF?


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