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The “plastic tubs” from Mama’s Garage


I few days ago, I picked up some plastic rubbermaid containers from my Mama’s garage.  She calls them “plastic tubs.”  At first, I thought she was being silly and Southern calling them that…but then I realized that I was, subconciously, a freaking marketer for The Rubbermaid Company©.  (insert © to CMA-Cover. My. Ass.)

Holy Toledo Batman.  I have actually named a noun as a Corporation.  An evil Corporation has brainwashed me!!!!!!!!!  AHHHHHHH!  Well.  It’s realizing, discovering and analyzing that counts…right?  (or the cliche’ ” first step of recovery to acknowledge it” if you please.  I do not please).

Anyhow…after I got past this, I came to realize that maaaaaaaybe (maybe, just maybe) my Mama isn’t allllllways wrong.

Flash forward to this afternoon:  (couldn’t create cliche’)

Today I felt like being outside for a bit, so I snuck out while Ayden was sleeping and Aunt Brenda was resting in the room next to him.  (No…I did not sneak out and leave my child in the house alone–duh).  I went down to the bottom garage, which Aaron and I have deemed “my apartment.”  MY apartment is filled with ‘goods’ to sell.  Filled to the brim.  If the Apocolypse comes and you are suddenly in need of an 80’s/early 90’s tacky sweater…I got ya COVERED.

Inside my apartment, I began going through the little blue plastic tubs and was hit in the face with memories of high school and childhood past.  I ran across a framed photograph of a best friend of mine (Junior year) from high school.  She made it for me as a gift.  Maybe my birthday or Christmas?  Maybe just because she felt creating something?  She was very crafty like that.  The frame was a bright neon-ish green that held two 5×7 pieces of glass together.  Inside the slim space between the glass were photographs that had been taken on film.  The photos were probably about Walmart quailty.  My friend, Ashely Wright, had taken cut-out photographs of us together and arranged them in a sort of storytelling outline.  There was a picture of us in our AP Biology class.  We had our arms around each other’s necks.  I was doing my typical Wendy lean to be around the same height as her.  Smiling from ear to ear.  Above it read, “BEST FRIENDS!”  Just below that one were two individual shots of each of us.  A silver arrow was directing the phrase “BFF” toward each of us to form a pair.  A pair of BFF’s.  Sounds dirty, but as we all know…means Best Friends Forever.  Sad that we ALL know that now…or does only the internet generation (anyhow…maybe use this for another blog?  right!)

Floating like a God at the top of the frame was a cut out, head only- yes, floating head, of  HEFFREY.

It was at that moment that the memories really struck me and gave me pause.  My first real-time thought after returning from memory land?  “Why did life have to happen to us?”.  A thought about Ashley. ;(

I began to think about when we’d separated.  It was about as cliche’ as you can get.  The VERY thing that BFF’s vow will never happen.  Ashley graduated a year before me and went to college.  Says it all, right?

I do not believe that it was intentional that Ashley had wickedly been plotting this even before graduation.  We really did stick together throughout our years after college.  We wrote letters!!!  Yes!  Actual hand written letters!

I remember sending pictures and two page, hand written letters on notebook paper with brightly colored ink.  We talked about cute boys we’d met in college.  Who our current manwish was. (pronounced like Manwich©–more subliminal messaging via the commercials of my upbringing).

I’m pretty sure I recall the next step in our virtual worlds.  AOL instant Messenger©.  I think it is funny to keep adding the © symbol.  Maybe I’m just proud I can type it?  Probably so.
“IM” was the coolest new thing.  I’d skip homework and classes to sit around on IM and type to my friends.  Little did I know that this was a precursor to the future of our friendships.  IM began the stage of the need to communicate virtually.  The NEED to communicate this way is truly overwhelming in today’s time.  Facebook© much?

I thought that I could type notes on Facebook instead of a blog.  But it just didn’t seem right.  It seemed so much less personal, because it IS.  So, here I am.

And there Ashley and I went….off into virtual world.  The world where you cease face-to-face contact.

Which brings up another memory of adolescence past…Miss Allison Peeler.  Allison Peeler is the only girl my age that I know who is NOT on Facebook.  Seriously.  She never HAS been and never WILL be.  I respect that in her.

Allison lived in the mindset of a 30 year old back then.  I do not say this to insinuate that I think she acted like an old lady.  She was just more IN the world than OF it than I had ever seen before in a person.  I can think about her now, and wish that I had followed her lead.  I wish that I had refused to get on Facebook.    I wish that I could have let things proceed in life around me without becoming entrapped in them…without  feeling like I had no choice but to join them or be friendless.

Wow.  What an incredible person she is.  Truly living her Bliss.

For another blog, we’ll talk about how my stupid teenage brain almost killed this girl.  Thank the natural world that this did not happen.

I plan to go through these blue plastic tubs and post pictures of what I find, along with the memories they bring with them.  It will be  a sort of photo blog for the soul 🙂