I am a photographer (cause). I have a massive ego (effect).


There is a massive Ego crisis sweeping the nation. Somehow, being a photographer makes you a grand master of everything. You can believe that you are instantly cool, and that everyone should pay you extravagant mounds of money, just because you are THAT good.  You can readily critique everyone else’s photographs, because you are A PHOTOGRAPHER.  You can walk on water and your excrement smells of lavender.

I apologize to anyone I may have infected with this ooze. Just know that I am aware of how easily it can take you over into thinking you are superior…and I am trying my damn hardest to NOT let it overtake me…again.

Q:  “But Wendy, you charge $2500 base price to shoot a wedding, and $145 an hour for portraits…isn’t that a little egotistical?”.

A:  I’m happy to work for you, at the rates I ask, with the best quality of work that I can provide.

I do not think that I am the best photographer out there.  I know that I am NOT.

I know that I have a lot to learn, and need to continue to grow.  I am NOT superior because I can wield a camera.

I don’t charge these rates because I think I’m THAT GOOD.

I have created these rates because their amount is what time away from my family (behind the lens and in front of the computer) is worth to me.

Want to book me as your photographer?  Great!  Let’s roll!  I’m happy you think highly enough of me to photograph you.

Think I should cut you a deal to earn your business?  Sorry.  Guess we can’t work together.  Is this ego?  Not the way I see it.  The way I see it, I’d rather thrift store shop and resale the treasures on E-bay, craft art projects, and collect fresh eggs from our chickens…all here, in our minimalist life, with our minimalist bills than be sad about leaving my family for a full day or more to make that cancer in my life:  money.

This is why I don’t pay to advertise my photography business anymore.  It is no longer my priority.

I have asked myself, “Have I left the industry because I don’t like how photographers, in general, think so highly of themselves?”  I answer, “Yep.  That’s part of it”

Have I left the industry because I feel like I can’t compete with other’s lowball pricing, force fed to potential customers to make them book, and therefore help build the photographer’s portfolio? That’s another reason, I admit.  Does this mean I still have a touch of that nasty photog ego?  Ugh.  This is ugly.

Lots to delve deep into, here.  Taking a good look at the things that make you ugly is never fun.  I just want to clean myself of all of this negative crap that seems to keep creeping into my life.

I don’t want to be a snobby photographer.  I don’t want to think I smell like lavender, and make others believe that I smell like lavender.

I just want to live authentically.  Bottom line.


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