The Art Artist is present.


First of all… watch this video (link below):

 The Artist is present

Today I was doing a little more exploration de Wendy. I thought…”you should explore your “artistic” side. What is “Art” to you? What sorts of art do you appreciate the most? enjoy the most?”

I just watched a video online with two women sitting across the table from each other. I kept waiting for one or the

other to move. For one to speak…for something to begin. Soon, your inner impatience begins to seep to the surface and

you think…”what the heck”…are they making facial gestures that I can’t see from far away? Am I just virtually standing

in the wrong area to “get” this?….then you can see the little red bar running across the bottom of the mini version of

the video. It is not even HALF way finished and they haven’t moved? Should I keep watching? What is going to happen?

What if there is something very intense at the end that I don’t want to miss?—-what if…they are looking in the mirror?

Yes. That is it. They are just looking in the mirror at each other and at the end of their skit they will stand up at the

same time, wipe their lips with their finger in the ‘mirror’, fluff their hair (still at the same time, unanimously) and

grab their imaginary purse and walk away from the mirror.
But then, you begin to look deeper. The woman on the left is younger than the one on the right. They are both wearing

black. One a long gown, one a short gown…. your eyes keep searching for similarities. Are they the same person.

That is what I see. It is the same person looking at themselves in the mirror. The younger version of the woman is on the

left, her elder version of herself on the right. This…is art that makes you think.
It is the sort of art that allows you to inner analyze yourself. Why did you get so damned impatient? Why did you react

like a 13 year old and think “booooreinnnnng” near the middle of the video and almost click off of it?
Now that is art for the mind.

In the background speech of the YouTube video, I think I heard someone say “six hours.” Does this mean that these women

acted this simple sitting motion, viewed as thoughtless if in short segments, for six hours before this video was made?

Think of how your mind could spin and open up to watch something like this for so long. Wild and intense, I’d say. I bet

there were bystanders who soon began weeping from watching the art performance. I picture them sitting against the wall

with one knee up and their hand over their face. A pouted lip of regret, self loathing, confusion, guilt…all pouring from

their curled lip as they begin to cry and shake their head…wipe their hand across their face…understand

themselves…and see it and feel it as cleansing and beautiful. That is intense. More intense than any moving scene could

create for your mind. It is an empty canvas of living art…designed to allow you to use them as a vessel for your own
creation and self exploration.


The above was how I saw this video for the first time.  I read a few comments under the YouTube video…not too many, but enough to see that one guy declared the video to be a joke.  He then continued on to say how he doesn’t know how us simple minded folks who didn’t understand the “joke” functioned.  The tone, i had to read…so I may have totally mis-interpreted his smart-assery…

Then, as I read on, I saw that the actual artist of the art, the Art Artist created “displays” in which she sat at a table for 10 hours at a time.  Just sitting.  No getting up to pee…no wiping her brow if she began sweating.  No brushing that stray hair from her face when the breeze of one of the passerby-ers swept by.  Had she ever sneezed?  Was this her way of showing you how your face changes throughout the day if you do not touch it?  How everyday life can put strands out your hair out of place…how the outside world can affect you…even if you are not moving in it.

This video was what I was meant to see tonight.  Very interesting.

Apparently the answer to my question, “what forms of art do you appreciate” is, “The kind which allows me to explore my inner being.  The kind that makes me Wendy.  The art of the creation of this person I have become.


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