The simple Gene churn


Today, Kings of Convenience – “Love Is No Big Truth” spoke to me.

Not the song in full, really…but more the lyric, “Driven by our genes
We are simple selfish beings”

Here’s a link to it:

Kinda made me think about some of the struggles that I have been dealing with concerning my upbringing, and how I feel as if some of those issues that I have are due to my genes. Wouldn’t it be easy to just pass it off as that? That would be lazy.

Self discovery is hard work, and you can’t use the excuse “I can’t help it, it’s in my genes” while going through the process. I think that a lot of people never question their upbringing…and are just lazy enough to never analyze the reasoning behind some of the decisions their parents may have made. Or maybe that’s just a common thing in the South…

here are the lyrics in full, along with listener interpretations. I’m going to skip analyzing the song to try to figure out the artist’s thoughts and intentions while creating the lyrics. For now, I just want to appreciate it as a good song, and let my noggin churn a little with that whole “gene” idea 🙂

Oh, and while I listen to the song again, I’ll also ponder why I was singing the lyric “Poisoned by our dreams we are simple selfish beings” after my shower while brushing my teeth tonight.

Clever little thoughts…fun little challenges for the mind. Why do I think the way I do about things? Some times it’s not as easy to jump right into figuring out those deep inner meanings.


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