~*The Blog Shift*~


This blog has gotten a bit personal for me…
If you are subscriber, you may have gotten a message about a new blog post, that suddenly disappeared. Since I am in control of my blog, I made a ‘day after’ delete of that particular blog post.

At the time it was rambled, I was in a state of truthful consciousness, and wanted to share the greatness of truth that was revealed in that post with the world.
Then, the next day…I didn’t feel good about it, so I deleted it.

I imagine that blog floating out somewhere on the interweb in a “Did you mean to delete this?” folder that writers store for other writers.

The night the blog was written, in my truthful state, I wrote into a word processing program on my laptop for the first time. I typically put pen to paper, in one of my many, many…distributed notebooks around the house.
This particular night, I was somewhat “Unleashed” through consciousness…and all that was unleashed as my thoughts, and my joy of scribing my husband’s thoughts and phrases, was sitting there, in digital format, just waiting to be shared.
Won’t do that again.
If you were quick enough to read it, what did you think?  I dream that perhaps anyone who was offended or put off by it stopped reading after that little internet trauma.  I feel as if I kinda inserted a little straight pin into the web and inserted some prose.  Prose that may offend, may scare, may inspire, may steal.
Steal–that was another aspect of why I chose to delete the post.  I was pretty damned proud of some of the ideas that had come out of my head, and the head of my husband…and I wanted to claim them as my own by posting them to the blog, but I just really ended up fearing that those ideas would be stolen.  I guess I thought I could make money off of them?  Probably.
Anyhow, the lat post is gone.  Some of you may have seen it, some of you may have read it and know more about me than someone who didn’t. It was truly “OUT THERE” for all to read.  Deep thoughts and discussions.  Memories.  Hurt feelings and emotions.
It was a very cleansing blog.

but…now I’m finished with the ‘personal’ aspect of the blog…and I have come to the conclusion that instead of spreading my misery through words and depressing others, I will write about what happens when you follow your bliss.  A few things that I will continue to write about concerning my own bliss, and the bliss of my husband, may come out as little lessons that I’ve discovered while homesteading.

For instance, today I harvested about 4 lbs. of jalapeno and cayenne peppers from the back garden.  Before today, we’ve called it “Aaron’s Garden”…but now, I’d like to lay a little claim to it because I bonded with it for a bit today.  I used a blanket to gather the jalapenos for two hours while my son took a nap with Aunt Brenda looking after him.

Shortly after I came inside, it started raining.

{I just took a little writing break to disarm the butter thief toddler at the kitchen table.  We just ate beans with corn and onion and homeade peach cobbler.  He tried to eat a finger full of butter for desert.  He is now safe and butterless, sitting in a recliner watching “RANGO”.  He also just asked for “Rango” for the first time by name.  {If you haven’t seen this movie, check it out.  FOR REAL.  You won’t regret it.  It has such a great message for us.  Child and adult.  AND Johnny Depp is the voice of the main character (I lust him).}

I had the idea that I would write this little instructional tutorial about just what I mean by “blanket gardening”.  If anyone would like to put in a request for a full explanation, I’ll accept it as a “Help” mission.  I like to help people to this sort of extreme extent.  I go out of my way to make others happy, the majority of the time. This has begun to shift a bit, in my adulthood…now that I am aware of this character trait of mine, I have learned how to protect it from those trying to take advantage of my kindness.

So, treat me right and I’ll be a forever loyal friend/daughter/sister/wife.  Sounds like a Scorpio horoscope, huh?  There may be some truth to that horoscope stuff…

Anyhow, the momentum that I felt outside while harvesting the 4 lb. Lowe’s bucket full of peppers has now left me, but I’ll bring back the mechanics of how I was able to harvest about 600 peppers with a blanket, in two hours if anyone is interested.  I like to help 🙂


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