Goat Weeding with Epiphany Now


Today was amazing.  I’ve already posted one blog about just how wonderful it felt to finally be homesteading with my family.  I know, I know…I can’t say that I’m an actual “Homesteader” after one day’s worth of work (simple harvesting, at that)…but I’m ready to be associated with it so bad, I’m already deeming myself to be a part of it.

Today, I feel I was able to let go and “be” to a level that I’ve never felt before. I had already finished what little bit of work obligations I had today…I didn’t need to be anywhere.  I wasn’t planning on being anywhere.  I had no obligations to any one or any thing…except for those pepper plants that I spoke with and promised I would harvest.

I kept my promise for two hours today.  If you’re wondering if I talk to plants…hell yeah, I do!  They need to hear why I’m there harvesting their fruit.  I feel so connected to them, I feel I must explain a few things about why I am taking the larger (elder) peppers before the smaller (younger).  Today I spoke to the peppers themselves as I was harvesting them with my little clippers.  I said things like, “It’s okay, young uns’…I’m only taking the elders with me today.  It is their time.  One day, it will be your time.’

and, “Elders, relax…I’m not taking your young.”

I did think of what ‘one’ might think while hearing.  I was sitting on a thermarest from our backpacking gear.  Aaron thought to bring it out for me to make me comfortable.  (he’s good at being considerate to his wife). 

Anyhow, I’ve been programmed to think that you’re crazy if you talk to plants.  “CRAZY PLANT LADY!!!” I imagine they’d say if they heard me.  Add in that I was wearing a straw hat with my hair up…and had my sweaty tank top rolled up…and you might get ‘their’ picture.

Luckily…that moment of thought did not last long.  I’m realizing each day that the more I am experiencing the truth and beauty that is original living…I care less and less about what people think of me.  This is a good thing.  I fear that in my past I have thought a bit too much about what people think about me.  I liked to think that it didn’t affect me, but it did.  I know this, can accept it…and am growing in that I can cope with it and move on.  This is exciting news!

Soooo…..I had this wonderful day of harvesting in our garden, talking to plants and taking pictures of our bounty.

Aaron and I worked together to produce images to help tell a story to our friends and the interweb audience who might be interested to see.  The more we talked, the more it became clear that we needed to share the same blog.

Aaron’s blog www.emtmusings.blogspot.com “Epiphany Now” has been considered his blog for about two years.  In his blog, he wrote of his struggle in realizing that Peak Oil is true.  He told stories about his career and how fucked up his job as an EMT could be (Emergency Medical Technician).  He wrote about how he wanted to protect his mind and his family from what he knows is coming.

After years of writing this blog, he finally felt as if he had said all that he needed to say, had shared all he needed to share…and slowly he began writing less and less as time went on.  He recently posted a blockbuster hit about how we are almost certain that he has Asperger’s Syndrome.

As we were photographing tomatoes and rain barrels and Jalapeno-Cayenne, we decided that it was time for our blogs, our thoughts, to merge.  He will be sending anyone who is interested in following him in his journey over to this blog.

We plan to tell photo-journal style stories of the process of being a new couple who has chosen to lead a free, organic lifetstyle.  We will soon be able to call ourselves homesteaders without doubt or uncertainty. We will tell tales of our Gypsy ways.  We will both take photos.  We will probably not edit them.  I will talk about clotheslines and blanket gardening, and he will share news of permaculture, ferments and other recipes. 

I think that this merge will be brilliant.

So…from this point on, this blog will be a’changin’.

Lots of changes have been going on around here, believe me.

It’s part of knowing what is true
accepting it

Pulling in the good and pushing away the bad.

This butter has begun to churn.

From here on…I (Wendy) may be posting or writing.  I may be scribing for Aaron (he likes to utilize this talent/love of mine) or he may be writing on his own. Soon, I feel, our writing will merge until you may not be able to tell who is writing what 😉  Looking forward to this union.


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