Attack of the Marketing Bot


Enjoy my marketing bot induced screenshot.

Proof that you are ALWAYS being mass marketed to when you frequent different websites.

Today I googled “Cole Haan” because I was looking up a price of expensive shoes that I bought at the Goodwill on my computer. Later, the photographed ad appeared to me in the evening….hours after I had searched for Cole Haan on the internet.

Want proof that this happens to you on a daily basis? If I come back to the internet tomorrow, after posting this, I will surely take another screenshot of the cookie bot ads that appear to me. I can pretty much 100% guarantee you that if I spend enough time on the internet in the next few days, I can screenshot an ad for Cole Haan or Goodwill at a later date. Guaranteed. I’ll be sure to update you, if interested.

The Marketing bot Cole Haan Ad


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