The Homesteading Ebb and Flow


Today I took a walk through the center of 150 acres of Upstate NC property.  I’ve often blogged, typed, thought about how my perspective of what is important has changed slowly in the past few years.  I went from an egomaniac photographer to a stay at home mom who reads Mother Earth News articles and is actually losing interest in keeping up with Facebookland.

I read articles about homesteading and self-sufficiency and crave information about how to live “off the grid.”  The decision to begin learning about these things was not my own doing. Anyone who knows my husband can tell you that.  He has been learning and studying techniques in all of the above mentioned areas for the past few years.  I have always had the drive to learn, but not the ambition.  This has all changed in the past few months, especially.

The property that we walked around on today may be a grand opportunity for my family and for other like minded folks.  I won’t go into details about it in fear that I might karmically disrupt the good things that have been appearing to my family and I surrounding this property and the idea behind it.  I will say that there is a chance that this property will allow me to go as deep as I am willing to go into being an actual homesteader.  Not just dreaming about it.

We have slowly began to set foot into the homesteading scene over the past few years.  We planted a garden.  We have chickens. Aaron took a class in Permaculture.  I began baking our own bread.

Lately, I have had dreams of grandeur surrounding homesteading in general.  I want to keep bees and use their honey in my baking recipes.  I want to make candles from their beeswax.  I want to grow my own vegetables, plant my own herbs and have a stockpile of healthy, homegrown canned goods stocked in our pantry.  I want to see our sons grow up learning skills that are quickly becoming lost.  I want to be in the world but not of it.

I feel that just skimming through Facebook posts can really show you where most people’s brains rest in our society.  Exclamations of excitement over something that happened on their favorite television show.
The always humorous drunken posts.
Cell Phone captured photographs of strangers doing something they think is funny or do not approve of.

Granted, social media can be a great way to keep up with friends, family and loved ones.  I do enjoy reading posts about what is going on in the lives of people that I don’t get to see on a regular basis.  Sadly, however, I long for the old way of communication.  Letters, phone calls, and *GASP* —actual human interaction.

I find myself on Facebook in particular, because I actually get paid to run a few business Facebook sites.  I post statuses six days a week, keep up with any correspondence or messages that come through the site.  Contact the site owner if any important information crosses the page…and stay in touch with the page owner through email regarding the important things they’d like to make sure I mention on their FB site that are important to make the business grow and continue to be successful.

When I’m on Facebook as me, I find myself skimming random, droning comments and often end up the most interested in the homestead, crafty, bakey sites.  Seems fitting.

I guess we all ebb and flow with interest in changing topics throughout our life.  I am writing about this change in my flow of topic because I feel that my interest in homesteading and self sufficiency is not going to change.  I’m ready to grasp it and take hold.  I feel it is what I’m meant to do.  Now…back to those Mother Earth News magazines.  Hey, I’m still learning.


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