Fire, Feminism and Collapse: Part 1


The next set of blogs are my initial response to the little virtual bar fight I see going on between Stout drinking Dmitry Orlov at his blog, Club Orlov and his article, “Communities that Abide (Preamble)” vs. Pale Ale sipping Gail Zawacki’s post, “Our Revels Are Now Ended” over at her blog, Wit’s End.

Disclaimer:  Before hearing about this battle between forces, I had never read either blog.   I came across a description of each side’s argument inside a thread over at the Doomstead Diner Forum.  I am going to attempt to read each blog, give my thoughts on the articles written by both authors, and share those thoughts with you.  This might bring up some tension…but it is about time I took on a blogosphere challenge when it comes to comparison of ideas.


Let the bottle breaking begin:

In this post, I will respond solely to Orlov’s blog.  In a following post, I’ll respond to what I read in Gail’s.

The type of woman who can get so riled up about a man claiming that women who sacrificed their motherhood (raising their children) in exchange for some political activism (see:  Pussy Riot) are idiots PROBABLY doesn’t have children. That would be my guess. I cannot see how someone could see a Mother who is in jail because of her political beliefs as anything other than a egotistic failure to her children.

Sure…you could think on the opposite end of the spectrum: you could consider these women to be leaders, warriors, heroes or a list of other terms related to making change in the world…but in MY opinion…it is NOT the job of a Mother to take a stand in exchange for being there to support her children. It is just irresponsible.

I have plenty of opinions about the way the world is and will become. I get agitated and passionate about these topics. But I would never riot or chance being arrested for the sake of my beliefs. I am a Mother. My responsibility is to BE THERE for my children. To teach them, mold them, answer their questions and support their decisions the best I can. Children will not understand that “Mommy made a stand for freedom and her beliefs.” They will only remember that Mommy can’t come to the “Mommy and Me” pancake breakfast. They will remember having to tell other children that their “Mommy is in jail.” They will likely place resentment on Daddy for not being able to handle the support system of actions that two parents can provide together. “Daddy couldn’t take me to the movies because he had to work”…”Daddy won’t play pretty pretty princess with me as well as Mommy could.” These are all basic reasons that would cross my mind, many, many times as a Mother when the thought ever-so-slightly entered my mind that I should go out and set fire to that statue of Ronald McDonald and then use his big red boots as a wedge to shove up the ass of all of the corporations who promote that fast food is safe and nutritious.  (A few topics I might be tempted to riot against are the fast food industry and our industrial food system).

Children’s needs should always be placed before a personal agenda (political or not).

The organizer of the age of limits conference, Orren Whitten, called the group of women who were angered by parts of Dimitri’s speech and answers to their questions a sort of  “Circular Firing Squad.” With this term, I can just imagine them hissing fire and throwing eye death-darts with Orlov trapped in the center.    I picture this group of women (who hung around the tent sulking together after the speech was over) as a sort of teenage Clique.  They were all mad at Orlov and his responses…and they wanted EVERYONE to know it. Instead of approaching him individually like adults after the speech, they gathered in their ring of fire and pouted out their lips and talked about how totally unfair it was that they had not gotten Orlov to see and agree with their point of view.  What an oppressor he must be to not think that Pussy Riot was, like, totally cool.

What must be considered here is that the original speech was downsized from a three hour seminar to the length of a stack of index cards.  I’m sure PLENTY of information could have been provided to avoid this entire attack if the full speech had been given. When you summarize a topic, you leave wide holes in the subject matter.  Easy prey for attack.  Totally easy for the Clique to circle around.

Also…a question and answer session (probably timed to leave space open for the next speaker) will not provide enough time for complete responses and supported facts and information.  Loud topics such as the Pussy Riots deserve complete responses when an opinion is asked of them.  It was a “pussy” move to try to get your personal beliefs across through a question and answer session.  Just have a t-shirt printed next time, okay?

So…here we are…a group of individuals who have “taken the red pill.”  We have educated themselves on the state of the union.  We see things as they are in the world, and not as they are presented through the media.  Here we are… a collective assortment of educated, informed minds…bickering with each other after a speech about the importance of COMMUNITY, and tactics on how to form one that works, together, as based on past examples throughout history.  Here we are…acting like a group of angry teenage girls.  GEEZ people!!!!!  Be an adult!  Entertain the thought of another educated individual without picking out keywords and phrases that set off your liberation-o-meter!  Approach the speaker after the event, if possible.  Ask him to expand on the topics that bothered you.  Ask him to write a blog in response to your politely stated rebuttal to his comments.  If the response still bothers you, continue to tell him why you feel he is wrong…with logical, thought out meaningful responses.  Don’t make all of us others who dream of a functioning post petroleum community see how quickly you can get your panties into a wad over someone else’s opinion.  Don’t SHOW YOUR ASS…in PUBLIC to the rest of us.  Give us some hope?  Maybe show the leaders of our belief system that men and women can function together without some fucking DRAMA??????  Quit being such whiny little Skipper dolls in front of everyone while the rest of the women in the movement still have a chance to join a community without being drilled about the fucking pussy riots and what we think of them.


Stop pouting in public and deal with it over a nice, fluffy pile of cotton candy…in private. Drown your agenda in sugar, Skippers.

Why aren’t there any Matriarchal communities?  Because women, lets face it, can over-exaggerate things.  We can be DRAMATIC.  We are filled with hormones.  We are sensitive.  We are more nurturing and sympathetic to the needs of others.  We are less likely to be able to kick someone out of a group or to defend ourselves from a pack of predators.

Now…I feel as if I am a pretty strong woman…but there is no way in Hell (especially a pink, glittery, sprinkle covered Hell) that I could ever see myself being a part of a community who’s main leaders were women.  I DO know some strong women in my life whom I look up to, but even they do not have the genetic coding that Men do when it comes to a few of nature’s characteristics:  Hunter, gatherer, protector, defender, provider.  A woman might possess a few of these characteristics, but ALL of them is very unlikely.  Why do you think that Xena, Warrior princess was such a hit?  She was dreamily manifested by the script writers and creators to be exceptionally, genetically different from all other women.  She could kick your ass, defend the villagers from your drama, track you through the woods and cook you for supper.  Women just aren’t genetically bred that way.  Xena was fictional.


She’ll kick Skipper’s ass and maybe Ken’s too.

With all that said…there is a place for a Patriarchal community.  Men typically don’t react with their emotions first.  Women do.  That’s just how it is.  Emotional responses can be toxic if acted upon in a fleeting moment, without being thought out first.  I know that I am guilty of emotional responses.  I know many other women who are, too.  This is why I’d much rather have the critical thinking male handle all of the important decisions…but with consulting others first.  That is to say, I don’t want a leader of my community to act upon his beliefs alone.

What a community needs is a leader (or group of leaders) who can remain level headed the majority of the time.  Leaders who can analyze the situation, come up with a list of possible solutions and choose the best approach based on those tactics and the advice of others are valuable.  An exceptional leader would be one who could handle all of these actions quickly if a threatening situation arose that required his sole decision.

Repression and subordination are some of the downfalls of past patriarchal communities.  Now…no man is going to repress my thoughts.  No woman will either. I should, as you should, always be allowed to speak your mind.  Just take care in how and where you do it.  I’m also not going to accept authority being held over me.  I am an individual who does not conform well.  I don’t like being told what I can and cannot do.  The thing to remember about that last sentence, however, is that I KNOW what I can and cannot do.  I can accept that I probably couldn’t kill a deer for food unless I was starving.  I am thankful that I have a husband who can HUNT and PROVIDE that for me.  I know that I don’t like people bossing me around only to stroke their own ego…so I work for myself.  I take responsibility for my strengths and weaknesses.  Subordination just…shit…probably AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN with this woman.

The natural instinct of a person when they are told what they cannot do is to prove the accuser wrong.  Sometimes, you just can’t.  Men and Women each have our place in this world.  Men do some things better than women.  Women do other things better than men.  This is how it is.  This is how it should be. This should not be questioned.

To summarize, I’d rather be involved in a community led by men.  I get ticked off at people who show their asses to make a point like a twitty teenager.  I find joy in free thinking.  That joy will be not be taken away from me by any man (or woman).

So…is the Foxstead ready, yet? I am a member of the forum over at the Doomstead Diner.  I am one of few commenting women there.  I have to smell virtual farts and abide dick and ball jokes.  I wouldn’t trade it. 🙂  The men (and few women) that I have come to know and befriend over at the Diner each have their own unique characteristics that make them exquisite. On the forum, we discuss all aspects of a collapsed post-petroleum world.  I am still fairly new to being “awake” about our predicament, but am learning a lot of valuable information through perusing comments and answers on the forum.

Over at the Diner, you’re allowed to say whatever you want.  There is a lock on the delete button for comments.  Granted…even though the delete button is barely ever used, you’d better be prepared to back up your comments.  No matter how vulgar or wrong they are, your comments will remain…but you must give us all a good, logical reason for your thinking.  Make us believe or understand your comment, or face the napalm 😉

Well…I don’t really throw much napalm…but…I’m a lady 😉

My favorite place in the diner to comment is in the SUN (Sustaining Universal Needs) thread.  Here, we are all planning and discussing a way to create a money-making, sustainable community for ourselves and those we love in the event of collapse.  We are searching out a spot for land (the Foxstead).  We each have our individual roles.  We know who can make power out of hydro and who can dig the pond the fastest.  We know who our spokesman will be, who our master gardener is, who can gather the most pertinent information the fastest and who can sniff out the funds to make it all happen.

I am, (so far) the only woman involved in this project.  So… when I wrote (above) that I’d much rather be in a community led by Men…I had the SUN project as a basis for this decision.  The bonus to this particular group and our plans for a community?  Talent.  Talent abounds.  Intellectual thought fires are set daily.  Each member throws their own scraps of knowledge into the fire through comments.  We are building a community of individuals who are stable, logical and who each carry their own important talent to the table.  The dudette abides.

In a following blog, I will discuss any thoughts that arise after reading the Wit’s End blog.  Interesting how reading another writer’s blog can prompt so many ideas for a blog of your own.  I suppose it makes sense that the more you read, the more you’ll have to write about.  Let’s see if I can get more posts up using this tactic…after I finish snuggling this baby. 😉


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  1. you just made me love you more…which is no small feat after seeing you birth Tribann all gypsy like.

    I love you…

    now I won’t subject your readers to this lover talk again…


    Florence and the Machine says “you’ve got the love.”


  2. Thank you for this… I have long known Gail and I follow her blog. And Orlov has a compelling message, although he often repeats it. I had not seen them as adversarial, but now that you mention it, it seems the perfect brawl. Orlov seems to dismissively underestimate Gail. Big mistake.

    Thanks for this great ring side seat. Where can I buy a t-shirt?


  3. Wow! Get in line brood mares! Forget about the vote — you won’t need it.

    btw, Gail has three adult daughters, all highly accomplished, for whom she sacrificed a good deal.

    But you go ahead and burn down the statue of Ronald McDonald. There are roles enough for everyone.


    • I’m glad to hear of Gail’s success as a mother of three…no easy feat. Although I do see value in the message of free speech that the members of Pussy Riot are exhibiting, my written response is directed more toward the fact that they allowed that free speech to take over a bit of their sense.

      I’m new to the Motherhood party, but I still don’t believe I would ever waiver my stance on being there for your children vs. being put in jail because you’ve placed the value of your beliefs over your role as a Mother.

      I eye that Ronald McDonald statue daily…but the best I can do, since I’ve become a Mother, is to focus my priorities on my boys and try to be satisfied with yelling, “FUCK MCDONALD’s!!!” out the window of my car when there is a long line of customers sitting in their drive-thru. (without the kids in the car, of course) 😉

      I’ve also got this blog to get a little of that frustration out. The written word is still free!


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