Fun with Barbie! Learning Societal Norms.


Gather ’round, kids!  Time to learn how to schedule a baby!!!  Today Barbie will teach you all about childbirth and social norms.  See how we can open her belly so you can see the baby?  The doctors at the hospital do that too.  Those doctors are called surgeons.  Surgeons can cut a little pouch open…like a kangaroo! Then the surgeon can pull out the baby through Mommy’s new kangaroo pouch.  They will have to close it back, though…in case Mommy has another baby later…then the chances of the pouch being used again are almost 100% because any future babies in Mommy’s belly will cause her to be considered “high risk.”  That means that Mommy will need lots of help delivering the baby from the doctor and the surgeon when the next baby comes.

You will have to help Barbie get the baby out, though.  You can be the surgeon!  Just give the curled up baby a little tug and help Barbie deliver the baby!  You did it!!!!  Now put Barbie’s belly back on!

I bet Barbie would like to have her flat stomach back, now.  No biggie!…she can just go back to visit another surgeon later and have him take some of her large baby belly off.  Don’t worry, it won’t hurt.  Barbie will have taken lots and lots of medicine!  She won’t feel a thing! 😉

Apparently Barbie can even feel forced into a C-section.  Way to teach girls how that baby is gonna have a 30% chance to come out if birthed at a hospital, Mattel!

Child Birth Barbie

Childbirth barbie has a detachable magnetic stomach that allows for an easy birth. The curled-up baby pops out when her belly is opened.

Looks like it was a pretty painless process for Barbie, though… Ken looks like he’s pretty cool about her choice of belly removal vs. vaginal delivery.  Oops!  I said Vagina.

One mother in three now gives birth by cesarean section.
  That’s about 33% of Mothers.

Most mothers are healthy and have good reason to anticipate uncomplicated childbirth. Cesarean section is major surgery and increases the likelihood of many short- and longer-term adverse effects for mothers and babies.  Source:


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  1. Is this for real? Surely this is just a photoshopped image of Barbie; they can’t really be dishing this stuff out to kids. Hmmm but what is ironic is if this is really true then it is likely that the company and manufacturer who produced this model probably thought it was more acceptable to show a pregnant Barbie giving birth via C-section rather than natural birth because the natural birth would highlight parts that are deemed unacceptable even if it is used for educational purposes. Can’t have kids being educated!

    I can only hope this type of thing is not too heavily promoted in the future because if that happens then what can occur is caesarians become the new normal while natural births become seen as unnatural. It is 1984 what with all that doublethink it warned about. People always remember the book for the cameras but the next big theme was the use of language to guide people into boneheaded ideas.

    Hope everyone is fine on your end and send my regards to Aaron, Ayden and Harper!


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