Of Two Worlds: The Empowerment within the Girl with the Plastic Bag

Of Two Worlds: The Empowerment within the Girl with the Plastic Bag

Dandelion Soul Creative

I consider myself to be quite natural. I enjoy walking barefoot upon the earth.  I dig in my garden without gloves.  I don’t wear makeup.  I don’t dye my hair.  I often have un-shaven legs and rarely ‘dress up.’  These things have compiled over the past six years, mostly.  It began with becoming a Mother.  Many mothers know that self care can often take a back seat as we choose to become selfless for our children.  In the center of my journey into motherhood, I began to look deeper into my own human existence.  Children can prompt deep discussions and thoughts like this.  They change you.  They change your body.  They alter your mind.  They make you stronger.  They help you grow.

At first, I was uncomfortable with the transition of becoming, well… counterculture.  Not many women my age (I’m 36) have “let themselves go” quite like I have chosen…

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  1. Did you find a cure for your dyshidrosis? I study this, hope to write a thesis on it. But I put all the latest info on the website. Contact me for more info. (I don’t charge, but I’d like to use any of your photos, and put you in my statistics.) Carole


    • I don’t believe there is a cure, unfortunately. Based on my experience, Dyshidrosis comes and goes as “it” likes. I believe that it is different for everyone. It is a response to something– but can be one thing or another, or a combination of all sorts of things at once. Who knows? I recently read an article that spoke about how scientists believe that people who suffer from any form of eczema have a protein deficiency in their skin. There’s really no “cure.” It just requires patience, understanding and maintenance, IMO. There are plenty of ways to treat this disease, but so far–no absolute cure for everyone. Lotions, salves, removal of foods and “triggers”, energy healing, meditation and naturopathic remedies, among others, are examples of treatment.

      Feel free to use any of my photos– but please link back to my blog/website.

      Best of luck on your thesis!


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